Sunday, February 28, 2010

Karen Walker-Eyewear


As I keep going with this blog you will gradually see I have an obsession with Karen Walker, I love her eyewear and quirky costume jewelry. This post is about her latest collection:


It's the gold that must get me...I'm suddenly locked in hahaha.
They are just so chunky, and durable, and strong. So much cooler than the standard ray-bans you see everywhere.
Oh how I dream for a pair of these $250 dollar babies...but there is always Ebay

Caroline x

Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Busy but here is something else I love...

I don't really know who I am apologising to at the moment, I don't think anyone reads this... haha but yes I have been super busy recently with work/uni/shopping haha.
I heard this song in a new episode of Skins, and I think its just beautiful have a listen:

Artist: Broken Records Song: A promise

I'll keep you posted with more beautiful things.

I bought some peacock feathers and hoping to use them somehow in a necklace....could be interesting.

Caroline x

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

House of Baulch

Ah yes!!!

I have finally got the balls to purchase this FANTASTIC, AMAZING, SEXY...hand bag :D


It is made by this fantastic melbourne designer, House of Baulch. Any way I have been eyeing this piece for months, and got the guts and the cash so yay! I met Kathryn at the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair back in November and she was so delightful!

Today I actually bought a gold jeweled belt today at Idaho Vintage in St Kilda and that was a totally bargain- $20 I don't think the sales assistant knew the real price, because it didn't have a tag! So that would actually match perfectly!

Yes I know my gold obsession is slowly coming out.... :D

Thats it from me, thanks for reading!

Caroline x

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grandpa wants e-mail...

My 83 (I think) year old grandpa recently just purchased a laptop and just asked what a charger was! Any way, I have dedicated this afternoon to teach him all the tricks of the internet. I said to him "Oh follow my blog!" but he just laughed...When you think about it 'Blog' is a very strange word.

Any way off we go! Good luck to him!
I'll give you an update!

Caroline x

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lygon Street- Best Thai meal in Melbourne

Up the top of Lygon Street, East Brunswick is one of the best Thai restaurants I have ever been to! It is near the corner of Weston Street ( I remembered because that is my middle name...haha) and it was chockers (really full)
outside. Anyway mum and I both got curries, I got a yellow chicken and she got the peanut tofu and both were divine! Not to spicy but the best flavours. I definitely got the taste of bay-leaves, aniseed, ginger, chilli and just wow cant explain it!
I haven't found anywhere that good since being in Thailand last year.

Anyway just thought it was a very tasty idea to share something like that :D

Have a nice weekend!

Caroline x

Thursday, February 18, 2010

indian elephants

I will not let crap people get me down.
So googling things I love has sort-of cheered me up. (Its annoying cos these crap people I actually really care about)

ANYWAY, isn't this beautiful?

I have had a little bit of an obsession with indian elephants for a while. I just love the colours, the bling, the tradition, their meaning and the power they hold with so many people.

Wisdom is something lots of people say elephants represent, and I think I really value wisdom in people in my every day life. Knowledge, wisdom and generosity are three key things that I think make a wholesome human.

Blah how lame is this post?

Anyway tomorrow, I am de-cluttering my life, and I am going to bling up this blog haha. It will be wonderful!

Caroline x

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


With 269 "HYPE" votes, this image really caught my eye.

I literally fell in love with this girl, and she created that scarf herself. It really is inspiring.

I don't know if it is my utter infatuation with Europe/Swedes but I just had to share.

This is by Misha.M  http://lookbook.nu/user/64469-Misha-M

Caroline x


This is not a positive way to start fresh, stating that I am tired and sick of it. Well not really sick of it. I crave it. Crave new Adele. Seeing as this titled song "Tired" is fitting with my mood I have included the lyrics. 
My life isn't at all like this song, in fact I have no sort of infatuation in my life at all. No disappointment yet. Just lust, and probably need. Oh well we will have to hold on and see what happens.

Hold my hand
While you cut me down
It had only just begun
But now it's over now
And your
In the heat of moments
With your heart
Playing up cold
I'm between the middle
Watching hastiness unfold
In my eyes
Your were smiling
In the spotlight dancing
With the night
The night fell
Off your mind
I'm tired of trying
Your teasing ain't enough
Fed up of biding your time
When i dont get nothing back
And for and for and for
When i don't get nothing back
Boy, i'm tired
Where'd you go
When you stay behind
I looked up and inside down
And outside only to find
A double taking punching hard
And laughing at my smile
I get closer you
Obviously prefer her
I'm tired of trying
Your teasing ain't enough
Fed up of biding your time
When i don't get nothing back
And for and for and for
When i dont get nothing back
Boy, i'm tired of trying
Your teasing aint enough
Fed up of biding your time
When i don't get nothing back
And for and for and for
When i don't get nothing back
Boy, i'm tired
(I should have known)
Never mind said
Your open arms
I couldn't help
Belive the trick me
Back into them

Caroline x