Monday, August 9, 2010


As a hunter of fine things, particularly jewelry because I know it will always fit me. I found these beautiful pieces on my favourite pass time etsy.

I actually got the inspiration of searching for a crystal necklace because when I was in London I saw this amazing  really large sword shaped one, and it was vintage and absolutely stunning. I think I was in a rush and didn't really think about it and so should have bought it at the time. I regret it now!

Anyway these pretties have cheered me up a bit, and I have one coming in the mail which I will change up a bit! 



I'll show you mine when it arrives later this week. Happy Blogging
Edit-I have only just seen The Animal Orchestra's post on a similar necklace, and I totally didn't copy! I was so surprised when I cam across it two days later, I guess good minds think alike? 

Caroline x

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  1. We do indeed think alike! I've been eyeing off that Solis Jewelry one for a while now - quartz crystals are where it's at!