Monday, August 16, 2010

Got herself some First Aid

I bought tickets today! Yay! To go see First Aid Kit on the 5th of September at the Toff!

I'll be going with the little sis (under age rager) its not her fault its over 18s and she has good taste in music... haha.

Really, have a quick listen , they are swedish and divine!

Caroline x

Caroline x


  1. oh wow I've never heard of them before but I think I'll become a fan really soon ;)

    have a beautiful day m'dear x

  2. Hello! Arrggh, I meant one teaspoon of Vanilla Essence! I'm glad you didn't trust me on that one
    How did they turn out?

    First Aid Kit are beautiful! x

  3. haha! they turned out beautifully! i had to do them in a round cake pan, and i may have cooked them a bit to long so they wern't as gooey as the could have been.
    Oh I know! I am so excited to see them next week! xx

  4. Yum! I am baking another batch now, hehe!

  5. love first aid kit! we did an album review of them over at our blog!

    great blog, by the way! now following :)