Sunday, May 30, 2010

Post Secret

I've been following Frank for years now, and until recently the secrets haven't made such an impact on me. I do love the idea that creating a creative visual to express something you can't quite say aloud. Then hope that someone along the way reads it. Well this week I have checked it out, and this secret I think is incredibly simple, and just sort makes me think about it a little. 

There is something about this. It's just like hey...ah what are we competing for? Why are we all striving to be the next best thing? Be cool? I personally am not competitive at all...but saying that I do always like to think I need to be the best at what I want to do. Does that make any sense?

Bit of a bizarre post haha.

P.s I am really cut, I just got locked out of my photobucket account which I have had for about 5 years and totally can't remember my password or the email I used for it. So now I can't get any of the photos that were on there! Some of which I don't have saved on here any more :( tear.

Caroline x

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