Friday, April 23, 2010

Wearing my new House of Baulch bag

Majority of my friends have said that my purchase reminds them of a "goon" sack. Now if you are not from Australia and a mysteriously reading this blog let me familiarise you with the term goon. 
Goon is cheap ass wine that you buy in a box for about 11 dollars here in Australia. It is literally the scarps of the barrel when it comes to wine. It is foul. But the cheapest way to get drunk, we are uni students after all. Inside the box is a big silver squelchy bag which is easy to carry. IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE MY BAG!!!

I have just realised, I actually don't have any decent pictures of my self with this bag and its perfection. I do have it in my new picture though:
You can't really see though. The other night though I paired it with my 'galatic' stussy top though, and it looks really good with that. I think...haha I feel my taste is a bit distorted at times.

I will try and take more photos! 

Caroline x

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