Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Big Five Personality Test

I saw this on my friends blog and thought I would give it a shot! These are my results!

What aspects of personality does this tell me about?
There has been much research on how people describe others, and five major dimensions of human personality have been found. They are often referred to as the OCEAN model of personality, because of the acronym from the names of the five dimensions.
Openness to Experience/Intellect
      High scorers tend to be original, creative, curious, complex;
Low scorers tend to be conventional, down to earth, narrow interests, uncreative.
        You are somewhat conventional
        High scorers tend to be reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful;
Low scorers tend to be disorganized, undependable, negligent.
        You probably have a messy desk!    
        High scorers tend to be sociable, friendly, fun loving, talkative;
 Low scorers tend to be introverted, reserved, inhibited, quiet.
        You are relatively social and enjoy the company of others.
        High scorers tend to be good natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous;
Low scorers tend to be critical, rude, harsh, callous.
        You are good-natured, courteous, and supportive.    
        High scorers tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, worrying;
Low scorers tend to be calm, relaxed, secure, hardy.
        You are generally relaxed.    (Your percentile: 22)

My evaluation:

Openness to experience/intellect
This particular one annoys me! I really really want to embrace my creativity and intellect. I need to take advantage of reading everything I own.  I wish this score was higher :(

Hahaha, oh how I wish this didn't come out, but I am afraid to say it is true! 

I think this is accurate, I do enjoy other peoples company but there is definitely a time and place for it, because I know when I want/need to be by my self.

Well I am glad I scored higher on this one! This is definitely me on a more positive note I do feel I am the caring one who thinks of others before my self. But I do have to make sure they don't take advantage of me (haha not that I have much to offer)

Yep again, I am calm and relaxed majority of the time. This unfortunately holds me back occasionally especially if I have work or chores that need to be done! I think my mum would agree...

So now you know a little more about me! To take the test your self visit the website http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/

And its free! YAY! happy surveying!

Caroline x

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