Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Kitty -

Ah I am terrible~ I am so sorry to whoever reads this jibberjabber of mine, because I haven't posted in one whole week! Ah! I think it is because I have just started at a new university, bogged down with information and my creativity has decreased a little... :-(

Anyway, regarding Hello Kittty, I dont think I have mentioned it yet but I am a nanny on the side...And both of the little girls I look after are obsessed with HK. The seven year old had a hello kitty themed party yesterday!
It was full on.

I am talking full full on. The Cake was amazing. It cost of $200....it was massive and even had bling in the bow...haha
I will try and get my hands on some pictures and post them up :D

But it got me thinking, they really milk this brand name for all its got...there is HK on anything if you really look for it.

If you cant tell this is a Hello Kitty toaster...it imprints a hello kitty image onto the toast.. I distinctly remember Hilary Duff saying she had one in an interview once.

If you cant tell because of the Japanese these are tampons....Hmm some how the "cuteness" isn't really necessary in this sort of area for me haha.

I'll see what else I can come up with that is bizarre in the area of HK, but for now I gotta run!

Caroline x

P.S I really want to approve the look of this blog, I am working on it haha.

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