Thursday, March 25, 2010

Body Art

I can't believe I haven't posted on this before! I am in LOVE with GOOD tattoos. I don't really know what makes a good one, I think it definitely has to be unique even something funny can be great. 
I don't have one, because I don't think I have the balls to pull it off haha. I have got a little collection of some of my favourites.

This one is just amazing, it is so perfect in every way!

I think this is hilarious and I have actually told my friend who has a 'conjoined' toe to get it. But I don't think she will... haha

I find this just pretty, I think it must have some hidden meaning but I cant really figure it out.

I have always wanted a thai elephant, but I think this is way to 'cartoonish' for my liking and I think I would want mine to look more abstract more than a real one. I would like it in a brown I think to.

I have a friend who was telling me about this tattoo these guys got, and they were tiny stick figures, heaps of them running out of their belly-button. I think it would look awsome! Wish I had a picture.

Caroline x

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  1. I really love tattoos too, I've wanted one for ever but I'm fickle/worried about making sure it's perfect that I've never done it. Yet! xo